Should I Hire A Real Estate Attorney to Sell My House in Albuquerque?

Should I Hire A Real Estate Attorney to Sell My House in Albuquerque?

Selling your home is likely to be one of the most important decisions and biggest transactions you will make in your life. Though New Mexico does not require you to hire a real estate attorney in Albuquerque when selling your home, there are circumstances that call for the counsel and services of a qualified legal professional to help you through the process.

What Does a Real Estate Attorney Do?

Real estate attorneys are tasked with the tedious job of sifting through the piles of paperwork involved when you sell your Albuquerque home. They are trained and experienced in finding the smallest mistakes that can make a big difference in the selling process. Real estate attorneys protect your interests in ways a real estate agent cannot. They will guard your assets, lead any necessary negotiations, and deal with buyers and their representatives on your behalf.

Am I Required to Use a Real Estate Attorney When Selling My Home?

If you are selling your home in New Mexico, you are not required to use a real estate attorney in Albuquerque. New Mexico is not one of the 21 states (plus the District of Columbia) that require sellers to use a real estate attorney.

When Should I Hire a Real Estate Attorney?

There are a number of reasons it is wise to hire a real estate attorney when selling your Albuquerque home. If you are in financial trouble and are facing foreclosure or there are liens and judgements on the title, a lawyer specializing in real estate can help navigate these complicated and potentially costly situations to present you with all of your options and protect our assets. You may also need legal counsel when going through a divorce or separation, or selling a property on behalf of an owner who is deceased.

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