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Having managed successful businesses themselves over the years, our attorneys know that sound business management and business success is often determined by a business’ ability to avoid business disputes or deal with them before they become litigation – something that can often be accomplished by retaining a competent general counsel law firm to assist the business in preventing disputes in Albuquerque.

Even with the most proactive, forward-looking representation, however, even the best business leaders find themselves involved in a dispute with another party.  Similarly, for one reason or another, business owners sometimes find themselves with internal disputes that cannot be easily resolved and require legal representation.  These internal disputes are much like a divorce and often just as emotional and heated – we call them “business divorces” for that reason.

Business disputes such as these sometimes require the use of courts or arbitrators for adjudication and are often controlled by various contracts, the interpretation and navigation of which may not be perfectly intuitive for even the most savvy business professionals.  In the absence of clear contracts, or sometimes in the absence of any documents at all, it is critical that you retain counsel to begin evaluating your options.

Get the Right Legal Representation in Albuquerque

The traditional distinction between plaintiffs and defendants is often blurred when it comes to business disputes as the various parties often have independent claims against one another.  In business, sometimes “plaintiff” just refers to the party that got to the courthouse first and filed a complaint!  Sometimes business leaders must make the decision whether or not to initiate a claim, a process that should involve a careful analysis of the probability of success, the costs associated with achieving that success, and the opportunity costs that come with the time that must be devoted to pursuing any business conflict.  Often, after consulting closely with clients, the determination is made that the likely benefits of such a claim in fact do justify the costs and the risks associated with pursuing that claim.  There may be too much money at stake to simply opt for “doing nothing.”  On the other hand, sometimes the costs do not justify the potential benefits.  Just as you are an expert in your business or trade, we are experts in making that informed evaluation.  It is almost never a good idea to attempt to make those evaluations and determinations in the absence of competent legal counsel, just as it’s almost never a good idea to perform your own surgeries.  This is what we do, and we do it very well.

Sometimes, however, business professionals are often faced with a situation that is less voluntary – they find themselves defendants in a lawsuit or having to respond to a legally enforceable demand for arbitration.  Or they get wind that a claim is immanent and they must act quickly to more actively defend something of value.  In those situations, one often doesn’t have the luxury of taking much time and it’s imperative that should you be in this situation, you reach out to an experienced business attorney as quickly as possible.

Regardless of whether you are pursuing claims or responding to claims that have been initiated against you, hiring competent and experienced dispute resolving attorneys is crucial in determining not only the outcome of your case but in managing the risk any claim poses to the continued and smooth operation of the business. Our business dispute attorneys in Albuquerque have been representing plaintiffs and defendants including individuals, corporations, limited liability companies, partnerships, and other business entities in a wide variety of business dispute situations.  Business disputes come in a variety of forms and may include some or all of the following legal areas:

Our attorneys work closely with our clients maintaining close communication.  In addition to a constant focus on clear and concise communication and advice, one of the other main guiding principals at Marrs Griebel Law is cost effectiveness.  We understand that navigating any business conflict must make business sense.

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We represent clients before state courts, federal courts, administrative agencies, alternative dispute resolution proceedings such as arbitrations or mediations, and even before various appellate courts.  We pride ourselves on providing clients with a strategic road map at the beginning of a dispute and continually updating that road map as the case develops.  In many cases, specific subject-matter expertise is required. Our business dispute attorneys in Albuquerque have years of experience and countless relationships in dealing with subject-matter experts such as accountants, technical experts, real estate experts, and many other professionals who are often called upon to provide technical expertise.  While many cases settle short of full-blown trial or arbitration, we always approach a case as if it will go to trial or arbitration and in so doing, leverage our clients’ position to achieve the best result possible.