Agricultural Law in Albuquerque

Agriculture in New Mexico is big business. With any successful business, there are times when business disputes arise. Many disputes can be handled between the parties informally; but in some cases, especially when there is significant monetary, property or reputation on the line, you’ll want to retain an attorney experienced in agricultural law who can skillfully represent your interests. An attorney’s involvement can be as simple as running a decision or a scenario past your attorney for advice on how it might play out or what actions should be taken on the front end to avoid a dispute or at least be prepared for it later if it’s not ultimately avoidable. Or that involvement may entail complex litigation in state court, federal court, arbitration, or some regulatory venue like a state board.

Our agricultural law attorneys in Albuquerque have experience in a wide variety of agricultural disputes and can draw from a wider experience in other matters to advise you in developing the most cost-effective strategy possible when unavoidable disputes come along.
These disputes are as varied and unique as the agriculture industry itself: Disputes with insurance companies over losses sustained at your farm, ranch, dairy, or other operation; Disputes with suppliers over the quality or quantity of feed or other product; Payment disputes on the sale of livestock or crops… The list goes on. If we can’t or don’t handle your legal issue, we can find you somebody who does.

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