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Are You a Meraki Solar Scam Victim?

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Patrick Griebel is an attorney with in-depth knowledge of the solar industry, including solar panel scams in Albuquerque. He’s had a front-row seat to much of New Mexico’s solar transformation.

He transitioned from his full-time law practice to launching a solar start-up in 2007, contributing to the state’s shift towards sustainable energy. He’s also been involved in several other solar installation company launches in the New Mexico market.


Solar Company Scams: How New Mexico Became a Target

In the initial stages of residential solar adoption, a significant challenge was the absence of easy financing options. The substantial cost, around $8.00 per watt, meant a standard installation could be approximately $24,000, a steep price, especially given the technology’s perceived novelty.

This limited solar panel sales to predominantly affluent homeowners. As time progressed, financing became more accessible, and solar installation costs decreased to around $3.00 per watt. Consequently, the same solar setup would cost a homeowner below $10,000.

Factor in state and federal tax credits of up to 40%, and this price could further drop to a mere $6,000. Many chose to spread this cost over several years, making the monthly payments typically lower than conventional electricity bills.


Door to Door Solar Scams Infiltrate Albuquerque’s Neighborhoods

As solar installation became more affordable and popular, New Mexico caught the attention of out-of-state solar energy contractors. Unfortunately, not all had the best intentions or the best training, leading to a growing number of solar panel sales scams.

In short, many either didn’t know what they were selling or simply told potential customers what they wanted to hear about the benefits of solar, regardless of whether it was true for the particular customer they were selling.

Whether they knew or didn’t know, many out-of-state “door-knockers” clearly didn’t care that they were committing solar power fraud.Contact our solar energy lawyers today if you feel you’ve been duped into signing disadvantageous solar contracts or were given faulty products.


Are You a Meraki Solar Scam Victim?

If you’re a homeowner who feels misled or mistreated by Meraki Solar Solutions, you’re not alone. Marrs Griebel Law knows solar, and we can quickly assess whether or not you have a claim.

Meraki’s Alleged Tactics (according to recent media reports)

  • Door-to-door campaigns targeting Spanish-speaking homeowners
  • Aggressive sales tactics pushing long-term, binding contracts
  • Binding homeowners into contracts for overpriced, underperforming systems

Residential customers have also reported paying more than their previous electric bills due to Meraki’s scam. When comparing their Meraki payments plus utility company charges against their previous utility-only charges, some customers reported an increase in their overall electric bills after installing their solar equipment.

If you suspect that you or someone you know fell prey to Meraki Solar Solution’s misleading practices, don’t hesitate to reach out to our solar panel fraud attorney. His extensive experience dealing with corrupt renewable energy companies makes him the perfect choice to advocate for your rights.

We’ll evaluate your situation with expertise and efficiency, helping you discern whether you were part of Meraki’s solar scam.


Vivint Solar Scam Affects Thousands of New Mexicans

Another notable case is Vivint Solar, which faced allegations of misleading thousands of New Mexicans into unfavorable power purchase agreements (PPAs). These PPAs cost more than traditional utilities and were frequently miscommunicated or not explained transparently to homeowners.

The New Mexico Attorney General took a stand in 2018, suing Vivint Solar over these practices. While a settlement was reached, many affected homeowners were left grappling with the aftermath of this prolific solar scam.

We believe thousands of New Mexicans may still be trapped in long-term, unfavorable PPAs with Vivint and possibly other out-of-state solar installers. Our solar attorney is ideally situated to assist those affected by solar panel sales scams, and in fact, already has helped several New Mexicans modify or even terminate their contracts.


Don’t Let Solar Panel Scams Go Unanswered

Whether it’s a system that was never installed, unexpected costs, underperformance, or any other unmet promises, our experienced solar panel lawyers in Albuquerque are here to advocate for you.

Don’t let your solar scam experience go unanswered. Together, we can ensure corporations like Vivint Solar and Meraki are held accountable for their actions.

Don’t hesitate to reach out if you suspect that you or someone you know fell prey to misleading solar practices. We’ll evaluate your situation with expertise and efficiency, helping you discern if you were part of a solar scam.

Contact our Albuquerque solar panel scams litigation team today to schedule a consultation.