Albuquerque Construction Disputes Attorney

Legal disputes can arise in any number of situations, and construction projects are certainly not immune. Construction dispute litigation in Albuquerque, however, requires attorneys who are experienced in construction law and, more importantly, understand the unique dynamics that are often at play when it comes to disputes that arise during or after a project. Disputes that arise during a project can be particularly sensitive and must be handled by experienced professionals to avoid project delays or even a complete shutdown of the project, which, of course, only increases everyone’s losses and decreases the parties’ appetite for resolving the dispute.

The construction dispute lawyers at Marrs Griebel Law represent developers, general contractors, as well as a wide variety of design professionals. We represent subcontractors, suppliers, lenders, and other parties to a construction dispute. We handle construction law matters throughout the states of New Mexico and Colorado.

Construction Litigation Attorneys in Albuquerque Handling Diverse Disputes

Construction law matters come in many forms, some of which involve hotly contested litigation and projects that may be ongoing, as well as construction defect cases that are not discovered until long after a project is complete. As with any type of legal claim, there are often strict deadlines imposed either by the state’s statutory legal framework or by contract. While many cases end up being resolved in court, many more cases are resolved informally prior to the initiation of a claim or through modern dispute resolution approaches such as arbitration or mediation.

Key Areas of Focus for Albuquerque Lawyers for Construction Disputes

We are often called upon to handle many of the following types of construction disputes:

General Counsel to Construction Companies, large and small – An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Our most successful clients are on the phone with us often, long before a dispute ever becomes a lawsuit. We review contracts or offer advice in sticky situations so as to avoid litigation;

Construction Defects – Claims resulting from potential workmanship issues or even violations of building codes;

Construction Default and Performance Bonds– These cases often involve situations where there is some question as to whether or not a contractor will complete performance on a project and, due to their fast-moving nature, must be handled quickly and efficiently;

Payment Disputes (Liens and Payment Bonds)– For a variety of reasons that any experienced contractor has probably seen at one point or another, payment issues occasionally service with projects. Quickly identifying and taking action on payment issues often involves the recording of a material man’s lien, mechanic’s lien, or making a claim on a payment bond;

Procurement Disputes – Cases involving government contracts that may have been awarded improperly or without following proper protocol.

Construction Claims – These claims typically arise during the project and may involve issues such as change orders, workmanship issues, project delays, or performance issues.

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