New Mexico Open Government and
Public Records Attorneys

Few legal principles are more sacred in our democracy than the principle of open government.  “Open government”, while a broad concept, has very specific tools in the law.  Specifically, citizens, companies, and journalists have at their disposal New Mexico’s Inspection of Public Records Act as well as the Freedom of Information Act, Open Meetings Act and various other statutory and common law tools for keeping government transparent.

Billy the KidOur attorneys represented the DeBaca County News in one of the most important open government cases in state history, in a case challenging the sheriff of Lincoln County’s investigation of the Billy the Kid murder in which Lincoln County withheld several documents.  In fact, Patrick was recognized by the New Mexico Foundation for Open Government and received the 2013 Dixon Award for excellence in legal advocacy.  In fact, for issues involving open government challenges, their website is an excellent resource. If you believe you have a viable case pertaining to open records, open meetings, or just want to discuss your potential case with an experienced open government lawyer, feel free to contact us.