The attorneys at Marrs Griebel Law have years of experience in advising and defending professionals in matters pertaining to the liability that unavoidably comes with offering one’s professional services.  While the firm represents a wide variety of professionals, much of our experience has been focused on assisting financial advisors and brokers, design professionals, architects and engineers, realtors, property managers, home inspectors, and accountants.

While we are certainly able to and often to defend professionals in the event of a claim or a lawsuit, perhaps some of the most valuable assistance we can provide is in the area of pro-active risk management.  It is often important to gain the independent advice of an attorney as to one’s practices such that many claims can be eliminated or greatly reduced.  These practices include actions you as a professional can take such as insuring that your clients sign clearly-worded engagement agreements (also called engagement letters) that clearly identifies the scope of what you are undertaking to do for that client, and perhaps more importantly, what you are NOT undertaking to do for the client, as this where many disputes are born.  Other proactive measures include having a system to keep your clients informed on a regular basis as to the status and progress of your work, and insuring that billing records are clear and convey to the client exactly what it is that the professional has done in order to advance the client’s interest.  In many cases, various industries and trade groups publish best practices and, in some cases, even provide professionals with very well-drafted forms that are available for their use.

Whether you are responding to claim or simply wish to get ahead of the curve and prevent future claims, do not hesitate to contact us today for a free consultation.