My Tenant Destroyed My Albuquerque Property! Now What?

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It’s every property owner’s worst nightmare: despite your best efforts to carefully screen your tenants for responsible individuals who will care for your commercial real estate, you find out that your tenant has destroyed your property. You likely have a few questions about how to handle this situation, and if you keep a level head and get help from a commercial real estate attorney Albuquerque property owners can trust, then you can resolve the issue and potentially recoup your damages.

What Should You Do First?

Document all the destruction to your Albuquerque property, and if the damages are severe enough, file a police report. Take photos of everything so that way you can quickly get bids for repairs, and also so that you can have evidence should you wish to begin legal proceedings. Likewise, you should contact your insurance company so you can begin the process of being reimbursed.

What About the Tenant?

If possible, try and reach an agreement with your tenant. If they severely damaged your property, then you have every right as the owner of your commercial real estate to try and recoup your losses from them however possible. If they are still renting your property, you can request that they repay you for all your losses.

Can I Sue My Tenant For Damaging My Commercial Property?

The short answer is yes. New Mexico law directly states that tenants of rental property shall not deliberately destroy the property they’re renting. Doing so is thus a direct violation of state law. And on a wider level, private property is always to be protected no matter what, so you should contact a commercial real estate Albuquerque businesses can trust to charge your tenant with property damage or criminal mischief.

Commercial Real Estate Attorney Albuquerque

When dealing with commercial real estate, it’s important to have an attorney assist you with several types of common legal issues. Marrs Griebel Law, commercial real estate attorneys in Albuquerque, are the most qualified for the job and will represent you in a dispute. Contact our law firm today!