Common Commercial Real Estate Disputes

The commercial property industry is a complicated business with a extensive set of ever-changing legal parameters often leading to nasty, costly commercial real estate disputes that can have long-term consequences for all parties involved.

Disputes involving complex commercial property ownership can frequently be resolved only through the expertise and experience of a qualified commercial real estate attorney. Depending on the nature of the dispute, resolution can take months or even years in cases that deal with multiple parties and extreme circumstances.  

How Do Commercial Real Estate Disputes Differ From Residential?

Commercial real estate deals are typically more complicated residential property deals, with more people, more money, and more rules and regulations to adhere to. Disputes regarding a commercial real estate property can involve lengthy and costly investigations and examinations by land-use experts, water law attorneys, and other specialists in the commercial real estate industry.

Disputes involving a residential real estate deal are not fun and can have grave financial impacts on multiple parties. However, commercial real estate disputes are complicated messes that affect anyone in the industry from purchasers, sellers, and realtors, to landowners and easement holders.

What Are the Most Common Commercial Real Estate Disputes?

The most common commercial real estate disputes that cause the most disruption for owners and investors center around disputes over land usage rights, quiet title proceedings, boundary line issues, sales disclosure information, among many others.

Homeowners associations can serve a valuable purpose in keeping a community looking and performing at top condition, but some HOAs can overstep their bounds. When homeowners push back, disputes arise. Each HOA is different and run by varying sets of rules and guidelines, and governed by a wide range of personalities and characters.

The most common types of commercial real estate disputes include:

  • Boundary Disputes
  • Covenant or HOA Disputes
  • Easement Usage Disputes
  • Land Use Approval before Zoning or Planning Commissions
  • Partition Matters
  • Quiet Title Cases

These types of commercial real estate disputes are more involved than traditional property conflicts and require a more aggressive and in-depth approach to resolution.

What Recourse Do You Have in Commercial Real Estate Disputes?

The process of resolving commercial land and property disputes frequently call for a team of industry professionals and specialty experts to hash out the complicated and intricate details of contracts, laws, and evidence pertaining to the dispute.

Disputes involving commercial real estate can have adverse effects on business operations. A qualified team of commercial real estate attorneys will guide you through the process to examine your case, evaluate the dispute, explain your rights, and offer up reasonable solutions to get the issue resolved.

Commercial real estate deals require long and over-complicated contracts. When conflicts arise, it takes legal specialists experienced in contract and commercial real estate law to make sense of it all and present your side of the dispute.

Marrs Griebel Law Handles Commercial Real Estate Disputes

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