Evicting A Commercial Tenant in Albuquerque

Although commercial rental property can be a lucrative investment, sometimes it is necessary to end the lease by means of eviction. Whether your tenant has broken the terms of their lease, failed to pay rent, or engaged in criminal activity on your property, property owners have a legal right to remove tenants from their buildings.

How Is an Eviction Notice Served In New Mexico?

To begin the eviction process, all eviction notices must be served in writing. In New Mexico, depending on the offense, a 3-day, 7-day, or 30-day eviction notice may be given.

How Can I Avoid Making Common Eviction Mistakes?

When eviction is necessary, property owners must understand and follow the law. Landlords will sometimes make the mistake of trying to force-evict their tenants by changing the locks or otherwise denying access, threatening, shutting off utilities, or intentionally letting the property fall into a state of disrepair in an attempt to push the tenants out. All of these methods of eviction are illegal and could result in not only losing your eviction case but having to pay hefty fines.

Commercial Real Estate Disputes Litigation

In New Mexico, commercial real estate disputes can be lengthy and complicated. Let the professionals handle it for you. Enlisting in the help of a law firm specializing in commercial real estate litigation is your best chance at winning your eviction lawsuit. Your commercial property is likely one of your largest investments; protect that investment by hiring the Albuquerque real estate attorneys at Marrs Legal.

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