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  • Solar Panel Scams

    Solar Panel Scams

    Albuquerque Solar Panel Scams Attorneys


    Are You a Meraki Solar Scam Victim?

    Experienced Solar Panel Lawyers in Albuquerque

    Patrick Griebel is an attorney with in-depth knowledge of…

  • Agricultural Law In Albuquerque

    Agricultural Law in Albuquerque

    Agriculture in New Mexico is big business. With any successful business, there are times when business disputes arise. Many disputes can be handled between the…

  • Professional Liability

    The attorneys at Marrs Griebel Law have years of experience in advising and defending professionals in matters pertaining to the liability that unavoidably comes with offering one’s professional services.  While…

  • Business Disputes

    Albuquerque Business Dispute Attorneys

    Having managed successful businesses and effectively handled business disputes in Albuquerque over the years, our attorneys know that sound business management and success are often…

  • Closely Held Company Litigation

    Closely Held Company Litigation Attorneys

    Closely held entities occupy a unique space in the realm of business law generally.  Disputes that arise involving closely held entities can often be some…

  • Recruitment Litigation Albuquerque

    Albuquerque Recruitment Litigation Attorneys

    Recruitment litigation in Albuquerque is a unique legal niche in which our firm represents professionals who are considering leaving…

  • Securities Litigation

    Securities Litigation Attorneys

    Securities litigation encompasses a wide range of potential disputes.  Our firm represents businesses and individuals in such disputes.  These claims often involve allegations of outright fraud, willful…

  • Construction Disputes Litigation

    Albuquerque Construction Disputes Attorney

    Legal disputes can arise in any number of situations, and construction projects are certainly not immune.  Construction dispute litigation, however, requires attorneys who are experienced in…

  • Insurance Disputes

    Albuquerque Insurance Bad Faith Attorneys

    Insurance disputes typically fall into a category of law practice referred to as “Insurance Bad Faith.”  As the name implies, these situations arise for…

  • Real Estate Litigation Attorney

    Albuquerque Real Estate Litigation Attorneys

    Real estate litigation attorneys possess expertise in various legal areas, typically dealing with disputes over land usage, quiet title proceedings, boundary disputes, seller disclosure issues,…

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