Evicting a Commercial Client

Evicting a Commercial Client

Are you a landlord with a problem client in Albuquerque, New Mexico that is becoming a detriment to your bottom line? When you have no other recourse for handling a commercial client you will want a competent and experienced team of commercial real estate attorneys in your corner.

The process of eviction varies by state, and in order to follow the complicated process thoroughly you should find a team of lawyers local to New Mexico to help you complete the eviction.

Can I evict a commercial client in New Mexico during the Covid pandemic?

The Supreme Court has issued orders for judges to stay evictions in cases regarding non-payment, that is if they can prove they were unable to make rent. However, evictions can still happen for other reasons, and they will still have to appear in court for eviction hearings. You may still evict them for violating a lease agreement, committing a crime on the property, or if they do not not move out on time.

How long does the eviction process take?

The process can vary in how long it takes, from 3 days for crimes committed on the premises, to months in order to resolve a complaint. A simple process would involve serving the eviction notice and the tenant complies with the order, but this can become more complicated if the eviction is disputed and litigated.

You are required to serve a notice of eviction anywhere between 3-30 days in advance of eviction, depending on circumstances that you can consult with an attorney on. If they fail to move out you must follow the proper channels to forcibly remove them, which is a time consuming process. Consulting with an experienced team of lawyers early in the process will ensure winning the following dispute so that your time and resources are not wasted if the tenant were to beat the complaint.

Need more information and advice regarding your eviction?

It’s always best to have the help of an attorney when dealing with real estate transactions. Marrs Legal is the best there is when it comes to commercial real estate attorneys in Albuquerque. Contact us today!