Examples of Bad Faith Insurance Practices

Suffering a personal injury is a painful, scary experience that can be made even more difficult if you experience an act of bad faith insurance that your insurance company should be held accountable for.

Those injured at work count on the support of their insurer to cover the cost of medical bills, lost wages, and other expenses associated with the injury. Occasionally, insurance companies will attempt to avoid paying legitimate claims, denying victims the compensation they need and are entitled to.

Types of Bad Faith Insurance

The following are the most common acts of bad faith insurance that lead to victims winding up with an unjustified denied insurance claim.

Claim Denied

The most obvious and most often cases of bad faith insurance practices is a denied insurance claim for an invalid reason or without even giving a reason at all. If your claim has been denied for no apparent justifiable reason you may be able to file a claim of bad faith against your insurance company.

Unreasonable Delay

Insurance companies that fail to follow through on the filing of claims and delay the process in an unreasonable manner can be held accountable for acts of bad faith insurance.

Lack of Communication

If insurance representatives fail to respond to repeated requests and fail to pass on important information or activity, they may be acting in bad faith.

Altering Your Policy

There are cases when an insurance company will try to change the terms of your policy or cancel it all together based on claims you may file in order to allow them a denied insurance claim.

Investigation Failures

Your insurance company is responsible for accurately, fairly investigating the details of your claim. They may use deceptive, unlawful, or immoral bad faith insurance tactics to deny your claim.


A common act of bad faith insurance is to off compensation that is significantly less than the actual value of the claim.

Increase of Premium Payments

If insurers raise premiums after an accident where you were not at fault, or for any other unfair or unlawful reason, it is considered an act of bad faith insurance that the insurance company can be held accountable.

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